Sway 0.11

@SirCmpwn SirCmpwn released this Dec 27, 2016 · 89 commits to master since this release

This release includes 139 changes from 12 authors. The biggest feature 0.11 offers is the first steps towards the goal of a secure Wayland desktop by adding new knobs to secure your sway installation - read sway-security(7) for details. These are only the first steps towards a secure sway, and no promises are made about how well it works. Please test it and look for ways to break it and provide feedback on your experiences.

Package maintainers - consider reading through sway-security(7) and seeing if there are any security-related configuration changes you'd like to ship with your sway installation. SYS_CAP_PTRACE is now required on /usr/bin/sway. Sway also hardcodes LD_LIBRARY_PATH on startup now - you can change this with -DLD_LIBRARY_PATH=... if you set this to something other than /usr/lib in your distro.

FreeBSD users - note that we cannot enforce security policies on a per-executable basis until this issue is resolved. The default security policy will be applied to all executables.

Also note that today I'm happy to introduce the sway bounty program - contribute some cash to support the development of the features you want, or write the code and claim the bounty! Information about this is available here: #986


  • Sway now depends on libcap on Linux
  • Moving between containers now wraps according to i3 behavior (@thejan2009 - #936)
  • Alpha blending is now done with CAIRO_OPERATOR_SOURCE (@SirCmpwn - c0916f6)
  • bar pango_markup defaults to false, following i3 change (@Hummer12007 - #958)
  • -Denable-binding-event is no longer available - see sway-security(7) (@SirCmpwn - #981)
  • New floating windows now spawn in the center of the screen (@alkino - #1001)

New Features

Bugs Fixed

  • Errors in swaybar's hidpi rendering were corrected (@thejan2009 - #920)
  • Bug fixed where IPC events were emitted before IPC initialization (@gutsoo - #923)
  • Segfault during edge case on workspace switching was fixed (@zandrmartin - #924)
  • An IPC tree response compatability issue was corrected (@zandrmartin - #925)
  • Buggy font selection issues were fixed in swaylock (@wasamasa - #928)
  • Fixes to scale factor in text scaling (@alkino - #937)
  • Issue creating a sibling of a floating window fixed (@alkino - #938)
  • Some commands were not matched during command matching (@thejan2009 - #940)
  • Indicator border no longer shown on floating windows (@thejan2009 - #941)
  • An issue with for_window [] move scratchpad was fixed (@thejan2009 - #942)
  • You can now move empty workspaces (@alkino - #947)
  • Fixes with default workspace layouts (@thejan2009 - #945)
  • layout toggle split behavior fixed for tabbed/stacked layouts (@thejan2009 - #966)
  • When swaylock exited, it would not focus whatever you were using before (@cyphar - #1014)