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Lua based Neural Network
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Lua based Neural Network (better view raw readme)

It's WIP.

Just do like:

local nn = require("nn") local x = 3 --amount of layers local y = 5 --default amount of neurons per layer local y_inputs = 2 --nodes of input layer (the original 5 of y become 2 for the first layer, not a new layer with 2 as input) local y_outputs = 1 --nodes of output layer

local activation_func = nn.func.sig local act_f_drv = nn.func.asig local lear_rate = 0.02

new_net = nn(x,y,y_inputs,y_outputs,activation_func, act_f_drv, lear_rate) --generate a new_net new_net:addlayer(y) --becomes new output layer new_net:build() --make weights for all connections

local train_pairs = {


--{{},{<expected_outputs>}}, } local batches = 10 local batchsize = 10

for I = 1, batches for J = 1, batchsize do new_net:smart_train(train_pairs,0.6) --0.6 60% chance of picking a random pair, 40% picking the one that gives least error --smart_train is experimental and picks a random pair from train_pairs and keeps track of the error end new_net:applybatch() --apply weight updates end

Funny how the actual script is just 1/3 of this repositories files.

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