The ExtrabiomesXL Minecraft Mod
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How to install and use the source code

  1. Properly install MCP and Forge source code into a folder.
  • Successfully build using the forge setup script.

  • Clone this git into the folder.

  • Use the eclipse folder in your MCP setup as your workspace.

  • Add "common" and "resources" as linked folders and set both as source folders

  • To manually build the mod, execute build_extrabiomesXL.bat -or - from within the MCP folder (scripts currently outdated and non-functioning).

  • Zip the files found in reobf/minecraft.

  • Install the resulting mod archive by dropping it in the mods folder on the client or server. The mod is universal and works on both the client and the server.


The ExtrabiomesXL Mod for Minecraft

Extrabiomes XL

Creative Commons License
ExtrabiomesXL by ScottKillen and MisterFiber is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.