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A basic Discord bot by a basic bitch.
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A custom Discord bot with the following features:

  • musicBot Functionality
  • Role Management
  • "Gamer Profiles" command(s)
  • List more later etc. etc. etc...


You also need your bot's TOKEN. This is obtained by creating an application in the Developer section of

You also need your bot's GOOGLE_API_KEY. You can read about it here!


In a command prompt in your projects folder (wherever that may be) run the following:

git clone

Once finished:

  • In the folder from where you ran the git command, run cd sharkeyBot and then run npm install
  • If you get any error about python or msibuild.exe or binding, read the requirements section again!
  • Rename or copy config.js.example to config.js
  • Edit config.js and fill in all the relevant details as indicated in the file's comments.

Starting the bot

To start the bot, in the command prompt, run the following command: node sharkeyBot.js

Inviting to a guild

To add the bot to your guild, you have to get an oauth link for it.

You can use this site to help you generate a full OAuth Link, which includes a calculator for the permissions:

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