A repository to collect all compiler scripts for the fun_plug
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fun_plug packages for ffp

This repository aims to provide build-scripts for fun_plug packages. If you don't know what fun_plug is, please read here.

Versions supported

  • 0.7

How to compile

  • Run uwsitedownloader.sh to add the repository of "uli"
  • Install "git" (slacker -UaA uli:git)
  • Clone this repository (git clone git://github.com/SirUli/funplug.git)
  • Run ffp-compiler.sh

How to contribute

There are several ways to contribute to this project:

On your own

  • Fork this repository
  • Clone your repository
  • Create your contributions and test them by running ffp-compiler.sh
  • Push your contributions
  • Send me a pull request

Fixing stuff