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Tool to arange windows quickly on the Mac OS X desktop

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Move Window

Move window is a script that I use to rearrange windows under Mac OS X without touching the mouse.

New windows open in Mac OS X wherever they want. Command line enthusiasts hate to grab the mouse and placing windows is a pain. to the rescue: it lets you position your windows very quickly and cleanly via the commandline - most useful in conjunction with Launchbar or Quicksilver.


You need to have XCode installed to have a compiler available. Then, installation should be as simple as:

pip install .

in this directory.


The syntax is easy: move_window takes screen id, number of x partitions, a range, number of y partitions, a range done. Examples:

move_window 0     # Move current window to first screen (0), fill entire screen
move_window 021   # fill right half of first screen (screen id 0, 2 X partitions, fill second)
move_window 02031 # first screen (0), left half (20), divide in 3 parts in y direction (3) and use middle (1)

See also my introductive blog post for more information and examples.

The contrib directory contains an AppleScript that I use for Launchbar Integration. Just drop into ~/Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Actions, but make sure that move_window is in your path; otherwise edit the script.

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