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version 1.3:
- Erlang snippets (g0rdin)
- Other VimScripts can now define and immediately expand anonymous snippets
( *UltiSnips_Anon* ) (Ryan Wooden)
- Other VimScripts can now define new snippets via a function
( *UltiSnips_AddSnippet* ) (Ryan Wooden)
- New Snippets for eruby and rails (Ches Martin).
- A new Option 't' has been added to snippets that avoid expanding tabstops.
Be also more consistent with how indenting is handled. (Ryan Wooden)
- Added a ftplugin script for .snippets files. Syntax highlighting still
missing. (Rupa Deadwyler)
- Added UltiSnipsReset and UltiSnipsEdit (Idea by JCEB)
version 1.2:
- many bugs were fixed
- smode mappings for printable characters are now removed before expanding a
snippet. This is configurable. *UltiSnips-warning-smappings*
- all shipped snippets are now fully compatible with UltiSnips
- added support for global snippets which enhance python interpolation even
more *UltiSnips-globals*
- added support for multi word and regular expression triggers. Very
powerful in combination with python interpolation.
- Python interpolation became much more powerful *UltiSnips-python*
- added support for clearsnippets command *UltiSnips-clearing-snippets*
- added support for option w which is a little more strict than i.
- added support for listing of valid triggers. Defaults to <c-tab>.
- added support for option i (inword expansion)
- extends keyword is now supported on the first line of snippet files. This makes it easy to
define special cases, for example cpp extends c: a cpp trigger is useless
in c, but a c trigger is valuable for cpp.
- UltiSnips now adheres to expandtab and tabstop options of vim
version 1.1:
- Made triggers configurable. You can also use the same trigger for
expanding and tabbing. The TextMate configuration <tab> and <s-tab> is now
- Conditional Inserts can now be nested
- Added support for b option. This only considers a snippet at the beginning
of a line ( *UltiSnips-adding-snippets* )
- Added support for ! option. This overwrites previously defined snippets
with the same tab trigger ( *UltiSnips-adding-snippets* )
- Support for dotted filetype syntax. Now snippets for more than one filetype
can be active ( *UltiSnips-adding-snippets* )
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