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version 2.2:
- Support to silence Python-not-found warnings. *UltiSnips-python-warning*
- Matchit support for snippet files.
- Improvements to syntax file.
- Various smaller bug fixes.
- New command to manually add a filetype to the list for the current
buffer. *:UltiSnipsAddFiletypes*
- New or improved snippets: all, snippets, haskell, bindzone, python, golang,
json, html, coffee, coffee_jasmine, javascript_jasmine, ruby, php,
version 2.1:
- Python interpolation access to text from visual selection via snip.v.
- Support for transformations of ${VISUAL} texts.
- New or improved snippets: python, tex, texmath, ruby, rails, html, django
version 2.0:
- Backwards incompatible change: Support for normal mode editing. Snippets
are no longer exited when leaving insert mode but only by leaving the
text span of the snippets. This allows usage of normal mode commands and
autoformatting. It also increases compatibility with other plugins.
- Backwards incompatible change: Changed glob patterns for snippets to
behave more like Vim *UltiSnips-adding-snippets*
- Backwards incompatible change: Zero Tabstop is no longer removed in
nested snippets
- Support for ${VISUAL:default text} placeholder. *UltiSnips-visual-placeholder*
- Improved handling of utf-8 characters in files and snippet definitions.
- Full support for :py3. UltiSnips now works with python >= 2.6 or >= 3.2.
- New or improved snippets: python, all
version 1.6:
- Significant speed improvements and a few bugs fixed.
- Better handling of non ASCII chars in snippets by assuming UTF-8 encoding
when no other information is available.
- Contributions for UltiSnips are now also accepted on GitHub:
- New or improved snippets: ruby, rails, xhtml
version 1.5:
- Some critical bug fixes for new vim versions.
- New or improved snippets: tex, texmath, python, jinja2, go, puppet, xhtml
- Configuration of search path for snippets *UltiSnips-snippet-search-path*
- New parser implementation: A little faster, more flexible and less bugged.
version 1.4:
- New or improved snippets: php, html, djangohtml, mako, lua
- Snippets are now listed alphabetically by their trigger, no longer in
order of appearance
- Snippet files are now automatically reloaded when they change.
- Support for other directory names for snippets beside
"UltiSnips" *UltiSnips-snippet-search-path*
- Errors are now shown in a scratch window.
- Now fully supports Windows with python >= 2.6. UltiSnips should now work
on all systems that Vim runs on.
- a syntax file was added for snippets files with nice highlighting.
- snippets definition files now have the filetype 'snippets'. It used to be
version 1.3:
- Erlang snippets (g0rdin)
- Other VimScripts can now define and immediately expand anonymous snippets
( *UltiSnips_Anon* ) (Ryan Wooden)
- Other VimScripts can now define new snippets via a function
( *UltiSnips_AddSnippet* ) (Ryan Wooden)
- New Snippets for eruby and rails (Ches Martin).
- A new Option 't' has been added to snippets that avoid expanding tabstops.
Be also more consistent with how indenting is handled. (Ryan Wooden)
- Added a ftplugin script for .snippets files. Syntax highlighting still
missing. (Rupa Deadwyler)
- Added UltiSnipsReset and UltiSnipsEdit (Idea by JCEB)
version 1.2:
- many bugs were fixed
- smode mappings for printable characters are now removed before expanding a
snippet. This is configurable. *UltiSnips-warning-smappings*
- all shipped snippets are now fully compatible with UltiSnips
- added support for global snippets which enhance python interpolation even
more *UltiSnips-globals*
- added support for multi word and regular expression triggers. Very
powerful in combination with python interpolation.
- Python interpolation became much more powerful *UltiSnips-python*
- added support for clearsnippets command *UltiSnips-clearing-snippets*
- added support for option w which is a little more strict than i.
- added support for listing of valid triggers. Defaults to <c-tab>.
- added support for option i (inword expansion)
- extends keyword is now supported on the first line of snippet files. This makes it easy to
define special cases, for example cpp extends c: a cpp trigger is useless
in c, but a c trigger is valuable for cpp.
- UltiSnips now adheres to expandtab and tabstop options of vim
version 1.1:
- Made triggers configurable. You can also use the same trigger for
expanding and tabbing. The TextMate configuration <tab> and <s-tab> is now
- Conditional Inserts can now be nested
- Added support for b option. This only considers a snippet at the beginning
of a line ( *UltiSnips-adding-snippets* )
- Added support for ! option. This overwrites previously defined snippets
with the same tab trigger ( *UltiSnips-adding-snippets* )
- Support for dotted filetype syntax. Now snippets for more than one filetype
can be active ( *UltiSnips-adding-snippets* )
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