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" Syntax highlighting for snippet files (used for UltiSnips.vim)
" Revision: 26/03/11 19:53:33
if exists("b:current_syntax")
syntax include @Python syntax/python.vim
syntax include @Viml syntax/vim.vim
" global matches
syn match snipComment "^#.*" contains=snipTODO
syn keyword snipTODO FIXME NOTE NOTES TODO XXX contained
syn match snipString '"[^"]*"'
syn match snipTabsOnly "^\t\+$"
syn match snipKeyword "\(\<\(end\)\?\(snippet\|global\)\>\)\|extends" contained
" extends definitions
syn match snipExtends "^extends.*" contains=snipKeyword
" snippet definitions
syn match snipStart "^snippet.*" contained contains=snipKeyword,snipString
syn match snipEnd "^endsnippet" contained contains=snipKeyword
syn region snipCommand contained keepend start="`" end="`" contains=snipPythonCommand,snipVimLCommand
syn region snipPythonCommand contained keepend start="`!p" end="`" contained contains=@Python
syn region snipVimLCommand contained keepend start="`!v" end="`" contained contains=@Viml
syn match snipVar "\$\d*" contained
syn region snipVisual matchgroup=Define start="\${VISUAL" end="}" contained
syn region snipVarExpansion matchgroup=Define start="\${\d*" end="}" contained contains=snipVar,snipVarExpansion,snipCommand
syn region snippet fold keepend start="^snippet" end="^endsnippet" contains=snipStart,snipEnd,snipTabsOnly,snipCommand,snipVarExpansion,snipVar,snipVisual
" global definitions
syn match snipGlobalStart "^global.*" contained contains=snipKeyword,snipString
syn match snipGlobalEnd "^endglobal" contained contains=snipKeyword
syn region snipGlobal fold keepend start="^global" end="^endglobal" contains=snipGlobalStart,snipGlobalEnd,snipTabsOnly,snipCommand,snipVarExpansion,snipVar,@Python
" highlighting rules
hi link snipComment Comment
hi link snipString String
hi link snipTabsOnly Error
hi link snipKeyword Keyword
hi link snipExtends Statement
hi link snipStart Statement
hi link snipEnd Statement
hi link snipCommand Special
hi link snipVar StorageClass
hi link snipVarExpansion Normal
hi link snipVisual Normal
hi link snippet Normal
hi link snipGlobalStart Statement
hi link snipGlobalEnd Statement
hi link snipGlobal Normal
let b:current_syntax = "snippet"
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