Check who unfollowed you on Twitter
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Check who unfollowed you in a fast and simple way

No Ads, no unexpected twits, no problem!

Why this project

Every unfollowers app that I found online had the required permission to send twits, send you ads or any other shit. So I made one for myself :B


  • Node.js
  • Twitter App credentials
  • MongoDB database (version ~3.0.0)


First, set the environment variables for Twitter credentials

export TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
export TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Twitter credentials are the ones required to be defined as environment variables, you can find more configurable variables in services/Config.js

Run the MondoDB database

Then download the dependencies and run:

npm install
node app.js


If anyone want to contribute, please, fork this project, do your contributions and send me a pull request, I'll review them and publish if everything is okay :)