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[Bukkit] Simple events logger! Works with Tekkit!
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SiriLog is a system event log really simple and easy for administrators who need to record everything that happens, with MySQL support!

I'm trying to develop this plugin with Mods like IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft or RedPower in mind, so this plugin maybe will not record all the events in this mods, but at least will record breaking/placing mod blocks and will not break like happens with other plugins, as well you can use the custom chests and custom events options for solve some problems with mod events

But... what exactly does SiriLog?

SiriLog records events on your server and save them in a file called "sirilog.log" in "plugins/SiriLog" or into a MySQL database with the time and date it was recorded, the coordinates and world of the event, the user that caused it and the affected block type.


SiriLog can log:

  • Block placing/breaking
  • Door/Lever/Button Interactions
  • Chest opennings
  • Explosions (TNT, Creepers...)
  • Custom chests!
  • Custom interactions!

Wait wait... Custom chests and interactions?

Yeah!, this is for servers with mods like IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft, RedPower, etc. where exists some chests, levers, buttons and doors that Bukkit some times cant detect like chests or interactions.

Here is where Custom chests and interactions does his work, if a chest or an interaction cant be detected by SiriLog, put them in line, select all of them with the Wand tool, and write: "/sl newchest" for chests or "/sl newinteraction" for interactions, and it will start to record this events!.

Log Examples

Block Placing

[2012/11/25 10:32:44] User put COBBLESTONE X=60 Y=20 Z=60 world

Block breaking

[2012/11/25 10:32:44] Grieffer broke SMOOTH_BRICK X=3 Y=4 Z=500 world_nether

Door Interactions

[2012/11/25 10:32:44] User used WOODEN_DOOR X=300 Y=450 Z=12 world

Chest Oppening

[2012/11/25 10:32:44] Thief opened DOUBLE_CHEST X=233 Y=424 Z=125 world


[2012/11/25 10:32:44] [ENVIRONMENT] explosionof PRIMED_TNT X=1 Y=2 Z=3 world


  • /sl: Shows the SiriLog's version
  • /sl queue: Shows how many changes are on queue for save
  • /sl save: Save the actual queue
  • /sl reload: Reload configuration without reloading plugin or server
  • /sl look: Lists logs happened between two points selected with the Wand tool (Wooden pickaxe) (Only database mode)
  • /sl lookid [log's ID]: More details about a log line using his ID. (Only database mode)
  • /sl newchest: Save selected zone blocks as custom chests
  • /sl newinteraction: Save selected zone blocks as custom interactions


  • Allow to use all the commands above.


Default config.yml file:

    showlogsaved: false        <--- Show "X logs saved" on save
    savelimit: 30              <--- How many logs wait for autosave
    mode: file                 <--- How save the logs, file or database
    mysql:                     <--- MySQL configuration
        server: localhost
        database: sirilog
        user: root
        pass: pass
    breakblock: true           <--- Log block breaking
    placeblock: true           <--- Log block placing
    openchest: true            <--- Log chest openning
    explosions: true           <--- Log explosions
    playerinteractions: true   <--- Log doors/levers/buttons interactions
custom:                        <--- Custom chests and interactions.
    chests: []
    interactions: []

This plugin is quite short

I know, and I'm working on it to make it a good plugin.

Understand me, it's my first plugin :) ...

SiriLog on Github

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