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Cinderblock - A lean object oriented framework for .NET

Cinderblock is a simple framework designed to provide object model consistency and other useful functionality commonly used in modern software applications.


Object Oriented Framework

The object model concepts behind Cinderblock promotes software design that values flexibility, performance and model consistency while providing a self-describing fluent programatic interface for your applications. It does this by leveraging the Command, Repository and Factory patterns in a way that supports both unit testing and inversion of control concepts without relying on specific UT frameworks or IoC containers.

Extension Methods

Cinderblock contains numerous extension methods to enhance the already rich .NET API.

Cryptography Wrappers

The .NET cryptography system provides robust and flexible way to secure sensitive data in your applications. Unfortunately this system is also quite complex to navigate and understand and requires a significant time investment to learn to use effectively without creating anti-patterns.

Cinderblock offers a well structured object layer on top of the .NET cryptography model that attempts to make things like key management, initialization vector creation and password hasing simpler while maintaining good security practices, good performance and object model flexibility.


Check the Cinderblock wiki for example usage.