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Ruby-fogbugz is a very simple wrapper for the Fogbugz API. The Fogbugz API works by sending HTTP GET parameters to the API where cmd invokes a Fogbugz method, e.g. cmd=listProjects to get a list of all projects.

An example of a request sent to the Fogbugz API to list all projects:

?cmd=search&ixAssignedTo=2 # all cases associated to the user with ID of 2 in Fogbugz

In ruby-fogbugz that would be:

fogbugz.command(:listProjects, :ixAssignedTo => 2)

That leaves cmd as the first argument to 'Fogbugz#command', the second argument is a Hash of additional GET arguments to specify the request further. You can see available cmd's and arguments at the Fogbugz API documentation.

All Fogbugz API requests require a token. Thus #authenticate must be called on the instance before #command's are sent.

require 'rubygems'
require 'fogbugz'
require 'pp'

fogbugz = => '', :password => 'seekrit', :uri => '')
fogbugz.authenticate # token is not automatically attached to every future requests
pp fogbugz.command(:listPeople)