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You have things you'd like to do more often on a recurring schedule? Having a task every day, week or month doesn't really cut it? Do you have a hard time starting on something, let alone choosing what productive task it should be?

Let tivitybalancer pick it for you. This extension allows you to configure a list of productive websites. When you click the button, it sends you to a random one of them! Zeigernik effect kicks in, and 🙏

Install by downloading the extension file and open it with Chrome.

Examples of tasks well-suited for trivitybalancer. I'd recommend that they are tasks where you can make progress in 10-25m, otherwise you're going to end up dreading clicking it..

  • Page that creates a new article on your blog
  • for an amazing article, or other sites you like for reading
  • Your Pocket reading queue
  • Personal projects
  • News site in a foreign language
  • Updating potentially out-of-date documents
  • Write something about your week
  • Revisit notes from a book
  • Duolingo