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It is an inventory and sales management app made using Flutter and Appwrite.

This project is made for #appwritehack submitted at here.


Stocker - An Inventory and CRM app made using Flutter and Appwrite


Home page Home page (light mode) Overall search
Home page which lists categories Home page in light theme Search page where you can search for products irrespective of categories
Stats section More section Profile page
Shows stats about your sales and profits More options for app User profile to change password
Transaction history Add category Color picker in category
Transaction history with option to filter by all, buy or sell Page to add new categories Color picker to pick a color for category
Add product Sort in product Adding product in cart
Page to add new products Product and categories can be sorted alphabetically Add product in cart
Cart Icon Checkout page Auto-filled information
Once a product is created a floating action will be present on all screens to move for checkout Checkout page Other details will be auto-filled as soon as you selects a phone number
You can either add discount by percentage or a specific amount by clicking on icon


First of all you need to setup Appwrite.

After creating a project on Appwrite enable platforms which ever you want to develop for with identifier as com.darshan.stocker

Create collections in database with attributes:


  • name: string
  • productCount: integer
  • color: integer


  • categoryId: string
  • name: string
  • costPrice: double
  • sellingPrice: double
  • quantity: double
  • color: integer


  • name: string
  • email: email
  • phone: string


  • productId: string
  • productName: string
  • quantity: double
  • sellingPrice: double
  • costPrice: double
  • timestamp: string
  • transactionType: enum(buy, sell)
  • customerId: string

To update category.productCount I have used functions to deploy it

Use appwrite-cli

The function could be found in ./appwrite-functions directory

After setting up everything on appwrite we should update the secrets

Rename secrets.dart.example to secrets.dart and fill in the empty string.

Run flutter pub get to get all the dependencies and finally flutter run to run the app


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