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Audio Submodule of CygnusJam Game Engine.

  • Author: SirusDoma
  • Email:
  • Latest Version: 3.0.5


Genode.Audio is a simple yet powerful Cross-platform Audio Engine which is provides audio playbacks. Written under C# language based on OpenAL (with OpenTK binding). The main idea is to provide a low-latency audio playback that simple and fast. If you prefer simplicity over fancy features, then this audio engine is for you.

This project has been rewritten to be compatibile with .NET Standard and will no longer supporting initial framework target, which is .NET Framework 2.0

Compiling Project

The project framework is targeted to .NET Standard to ensure maximum compatibility between .NET 4.7 and .NET Core projects. Moreover, this library itself written purely in managed C#, including encoders and decoders but still depend on native dependencies, such as OpenAL. See Dependencies for more details.

It is also required to configure the Build Configuration Platform (x86/x64) of target application to match the library configuration. Avoid using Any CPU platform, because this framework uses native external dependencies (e.g: the engine may fail when deciding which version of openal32.dll to use).


For more information about the audio API, click here.
You can check the sample program here.


This library uses several dependencies to perform specific operations. The dependencies are separated into 2 types: Internal and External:

  • External dependencies are included under Dependencies folder and must be installed or shipped along with the application and located under same folder with the main of application. These dependencies may installed by default in certain Operating System. This folder also used to store Nuget packages (Dependencies/Packages).

  • Internal dependencies are compiled along with this library during compilation, the source code is located under Source\Genode.Audio\Dependencies

List of dependencies:

Version History


  • Add support to play custom SoundStream implementation
  • Fix source pooling system not generating native audio handle when playing / replaying SoundChannel
  • Fix internal error when disposing invalid native audio handle
  • Fix misconfigured access modifier of SoundRecorder and SoundSystem API
  • SoundRecorder now run on it's own thread


This release contains major breaking changes

  • Complete Rewrite API


  • Improved SoundSystem pool handling
  • Improved SoundStream buffers handling and processing
  • Encoder now expose SampleInfo to determine sample meta data
  • Added Pause(), Resume() and Stop() to manipulate all playing SoundSource instances
  • Minor Bugfixes


This release contains minor breaking changes

  • Reworked Sound Decoder
  • Added Sound Encoder
  • Added Sound Recorder
  • Minor bugfix
  • Added some options and features to AudioDevice


This release contains minor breaking changes

  • Reworked SoundSystem SoundSource pooling
  • Reworked SoundSource audio states
  • Removed threading mechanic from Music and SoundSystem
  • Renamed SoundReader to SoundDecoder
  • Updated small amounts of OpenAL functions and states


  • Complete Rewrite of the API


  • Added few Properties to SoundBuffer: IsRelativeToListener, MinumumDistance, Attenuation, Position3D and Pan
  • Reworked Volume property: readjusted value, now the value range is between 0 (Mute) and 100 (Full)


  • Added Supports for 32bit PCM, 32bit Float and 24bit PCM Wav Samples


  • Fixed various bugs when buffering the SoundBuffer object
  • Fixed instancing new Sound object bugs
  • SoundSystem now use streaming algorithm instead load all data into buffer to play the sounds
  • Added Automated Update Cycle of SoundSystem
  • Added Deferred audio streaming
  • Integrated XRAM and EFX Extension to the SoundSystem


  • Added ISoundStreamReader to implement custom audio decoder
  • Fixed minor bugs on SoundSystem.Update(double) cycle


  • Initial public release


This is an open-sourced library licensed under the MIT License