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ClassicalSharp is a custom Minecraft Classic client written in C# that works on Windows, Linux and OSX. It is not affiliated with (or supported by) Mojang AB, Minecraft, or Microsoft in any way.


You can grab the latest stable binaries here.

You can grab the very latest OpenGL build here and the latest Direct3D 9 build here.

What ClassicalSharp is

  • Works with both has been removed by Mojang) and accounts.
  • Lightweight, minimal memory usage compared to the standard client.
  • Works with effectively all graphics cards that support OpenGL or Direct3D 9.
  • Provides single-player support, and both a flatgrass and vanilla-type map generator.

It does not work with 'modern/premium' Minecraft servers.


  • Windows: .NET framework 2.0 or Mono. (Vista and later have .NET framework 2.0 built in) ClassicalSharp has been verified to work on Windows 2000, unsure about ME and 98.
  • Linux and Mac OSX: Either Wine or Mono.


Initially, you will need to run launcher.exe to download the required assets from Just click 'OK' to the dialog menu that appears when you start the launcher.

Singleplayer Run classicalsharp.exe.

Multiplayer Run launcher.exe. You can connect to LAN/locally hosted servers, servers, and servers through the launcher.

Mono specific

If you are using Wine, you need to mark both ClassicalSharp.exe and Launcher.exe as executable, then type this into the terminal: ./Launcher.exe If you are using Mono, you just need to type mono Launcher.exe into the terminal.

Also when using older mono versions, you may need to run mozroots --import --sync to import trusted root certificates, otherwise you will get an 'Error writing headers' exception.

You must use either build using the Mono compiler or define __MonoCS__ when building, otherwise you will get runtime errors when decompressing the map using Mono.


  • Press escape (after joining a world) to switch to the pause menu.

  • Pause menu -> Key bindings lists all of the key combinations used by the client.

  • Note that toggling 'vsync' to on will minimise CPU usage, while off will maximimise chunk loading speed.

  • Press F to cycle view distance. A smaller number of visible chunks can improve performance.

  • If the server has disabled hacks, key combinations such as fly and speed will not do anything.

  • To see a list of all built in commands, type /client commands.

  • To see help for a given built in command, type /client help <command name>.