A simple way to add traits to Backbone Marionette Views
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Traits is designed to help you more efficiently write modular Marionette views. By designing simple traits, you will have a much more modular and extensible codebase.

###Start with building a trait builder

Builds a checkbox for a given selector and classname. May be instantiated multiple times in any given view.

// Factory for producing checkbox traits
var checkbox = function(selector, className, responses){

	var cleanSelector = selector.replace('#', 'id-')
								.replace('.', 'class-')
								.replace('>', 'desc-')
								.replace('<', 'ansc-');
	//var cleanSelector = sanitize(selector);
	var checkboxName = 'checkbox-' + cleanSelector;
	var triggerSelector = 'click ' + selector;
	var triggerEvent = 'click:checkbox:' + selector;
	var eventFn = 'onClickCheckbox' + cleanSelector;

	var trait = {
		ui: {},
		triggers: {},
		initialize: function(){
			this.listenTo(triggerEvent, this[eventFn], this);
	trait.ui[checkboxName] = selector;
	trait.triggers[triggerSelector] = triggerEvent;
	trait[eventFn] = function(state){
		responses[state ? 'active' : 'inactive'].apply(this, arguments);
	return trait;

###Build the ItemView

This pattern should make code reuse a breeze with marionette.

var checkboxTrait = checkbox('.checkbox', 'wax', {
	active: _.partial(alert, 'wax on'),
	inactive: _.partial(alert, 'wax off') 

// Example view with checkbox trait
var MyView = Backbone.Marionette.ItemView.extend({
	initialize: function(){