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Dojo stores are great! Here, have s'more.
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dojo-smore: S'more Dojo Stores


This package contains a few implementations of the dojo/store API which attempt to "bring back" useful features that were present in some of the more commonly-used dojo/data stores, but were never provided out of the box by anything in dojo/store.

The following stores are included:

  • Csv extends dojo/store/Memory, overriding its setData method to accept a string in CSV format; comparable to dojox/data/CsvStore.
  • QueryRead implements dojo/store's get and query methods in a manner akin (though not identical) to the way in which dojox/data/QueryReadStore works.
  • RequestMemory extends dojo/store/Memory, adding support for a url property (and a setUrl method) which will request the data for the store using dojo/request.

For further details, see the dojo-doc comments within the respective modules.


The modules in this package require Dojo 1.8, as they depend on dojo/request and the new Deferred and promise modules.


To get up and running with this package, simply extract its contents into a folder that is a sibling of the dojo directory.

Note that while dojo-smore doesn't require anything outside of the dojo package to work, in order to run the included tests you'll need the following:

  • util/doh to run the included test pages and test suite
  • dojox/data to run test/Csv_perf.html (which compares performance of the included Csv store alongside the old dojox/data/CsvStore module)

Both of these are included in the full Dojo 1.8 SDK.


This package, like the Dojo Toolkit itself, is dual-licensed under the modified BSD license and the Academic Free License v2.1. See the LICENSE file for the full text of both licenses.

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