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The dstore/legacy/StoreAdapter module allows a Dojo object store to be used as a dstore store. Create an adapted version of an existing dstore object store by calling new StoreAdapter({objectStore: objectStore}).

], function(StoreAdapter) {
    var objectStore = new Memory({...});
    var adaptedStore = new StoreAdapter({objectStore: objectStore});

This provides all the methods and properties inherited from dstore/api/Store.


The dstore/legacy/DstoreAdapter module allows a dstore store to be used as a legacy Dojo object store. Create an adapted version of an existing dstore store by creating a DstoreAdapter instance with the store property referencing the dstore:

], function(DstoreAdapter, Memory) {
    var store = new Memory({...});
    var adaptedStore = new DstoreAdapter(store);

If the dstore store is trackable (mixed in dstore/Trackable), the result sets returned from query() calls will be observable (have an observe() method).


The dstore/charting/StoreSeries module allows a dstore object to be used as a Series in a Dojox chart.

], function (StoreSeries) {
    //... create a store and a chart ...
    // Adds a StoreSeries to the y axis.
    chart.addSeries('y', new StoreSeries(store));


The StoreSeries constructor expects 2 parameters.

Property Description
store A dstore object store.
value An optional string, object or function that describes which property or properties to extract from each store item to include in the series. If this parameter is omitted, then "value" is used by default.

Method Summary

Method Description
setSeriesObject(series) Sets the dojox\charting\Series object that will render the data.
fetch() Retrieves all of the data from the store. This method is initially called when the adapter is constructed. If the store is observable, the adapter will register an observer to listen for updates from the store.
destroy() Causes the adapter to release all resources.