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Framework to build plugins for WordPress in an OO way
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This is a little framework that I've written so that I finally can write OO-plugins for WordPress.
You can create actions and filter methods that will automaticly get called.
This class is still in a *beta* stage so let me know if you have any tips, suggestions or find any bugs.

I've included 4 examples so you can take a look how you can write plugins with this framework. 
The following examples are included:
- Dashboard widget
- Widget
- Custom post type
- Plugin

== Tips ==
- When creating a widget from the template don't forget to you need to change the class name and the class constructor name!

== Changelog ==

= 0.6 =
Remove deprecated function use
Add extra filter and action
Skip extract in load_view if array has no values
NotEmpty validator now also accepts 0 as value

= 0.5 =
Add filter post_type_link
Add filter post_update_messages
Merge $_FILES and $_POST so can now also apply validators to upload fields
Remove static from load_view method so you can use $this in your views
Add image size validator
Add file size validator
Fixed bug when you add another validator before notempty
Change lowercase directories to camelcase
Added method load to load framework classes
Added cache methods that uses WordPress transient

= 0.1 =
Initial version release
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