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Category: Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS)

Powerful Ways JSS Blog Feature Module and Demo

The Powerful Ways JSS blog feature module allows a content editor to create a blog in Sitecore Content Editor and Sitecore Experience Editor. It contains all the building blocks required to create such a blog. A blog created using this module is using React and Sitecore JSS to render the pages.

Sitecore JSS is a very recent technology and no or just a few modules exist to accelerate development of sites using it. This module aims to accelerate development of a blog feature in Sitecore JSS projects.

For the Sitecore Hackathon 2018 purposes, a demo module is also provided. It uses the building blocks of the feature module to implement a working blog website.

Continue to the documentation for prerequisites, installation and usage instructions or watch the video.

Powerful Ways JSS Blog Feature Module and Demo Video