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Feature/v9 #358

merged 121 commits into from Jul 12, 2018


8 participants

rekha261 commented Dec 5, 2017

No description provided.

Eldblom and others added some commits Oct 26, 2017

Code migration to v9 xConnect changes
Implemented uninstall
Fixed Solr field mapping Updated installer
Added Helix layers in the config layers
Added setting to explicitly disable the demo panel
Updated tracker and marketing registrations to use xConnect API
Removed engagement plan from Register page.yml
Added ProjectInfo.cs with shared assembly info attributes
Renamed .transform to .xdt to align with WDP standards
Updated package generation
Added missing files
Moved package.xml to App_Data/packages/Habitat.xml
New version policy aligned with Sitecore versions
Added support for Standalone, ContentDelivery and ContentManagement roles
Renamed publishing profiles to Standalone, to align with role naming
Added install guide in Emphasized standalone/xp0 in install and uninstall
Added post-install steps to
Using standard Sitecore v9 dynamic placeholders
Fixed Solr facet bug
Added support for Federated Authentication
Added Facebook login support
Removed the "habitat" domain and aligned with the standard "extranet" domain
Updated to SC RC5 Added Facebook properties to xDB tags
Added Facebook picture to xDB contact Updated xDB demo panel
Added missing build files
Added uninstall script
Updated to RC6, SFI 1.0.2 Added additional install checks
Track Edit Profile Fixed bug in registration
Fixed xConnect facets tracking
Added profiling to Habitat layers
Added generation of the SOLR certificates
Added install checks for Solr SSL and .NET framework
Updated gulp-sass
Changed default PSRepository name and SQL server hostname
Removed relative paths in install scripts
Fixed compilerconfig publish
Fixed item ID mismatch with SXA
Added documentation
Added Solr certificate generation
Added new logo
Moved menu to right
Fixed DI lifetime issue in NavigationRepository.cs
Merge pull request #355 from kamsar/v9-jre-fix
Fix dependency validation issue when only JRE (and not JDK) is installed
solutionName: "Habitat",
buildConfiguration: "Debug",
buildToolsVersion: 15.0,
buildMaxCpuCount: 0,

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jeanfrancoislarente Dec 5, 2017


Should default buildMaxCpuCount to 1 and let others change it to 0 (auto) if they choose to. Many issues have been reported where "file in use" or locked files came up when trying to do parallel builds.


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Eldblom commented Dec 11, 2017

Unit tests are disabled in this branch.
Anybody want to pitch in? See issue #360


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sergeyshushlyapin commented Dec 12, 2017

JFYI, there is no special FakeDb version for Sitecore 9 requied. The basic item management functionality can be used in the currecnt version (1.7.1). The only limitation is that provider switchers are no longer supported and have to be removed in FakeDb 2.

I might be able to find some time this week to take a look at what's going on with Habitat tests.

SoulOfUniverse and others added some commits Jan 10, 2018

JRE and JDK version 9 has different paths of regedit installation, th…
…erefore validation process fails, adding the ability to verity if version 9 is installed.
JRE and JDK v9 added paths of new installation as it uses new registr…
…y paths.

On previous pull request accidently removed original paths.
Merge pull request #372 from Aceik/AddNugetReferences
Deployed Aceik/AddNugetReferences from scratch locally with no issues.
Merge pull request #383 from derekcorreia/v9-fix-nuget
Added missing dependencies in the packages.config for two modules.
[#388] Install Script Fixes for v9.0.1
* fixed check for configured SQL Server
* fixed adding of app pool user to Performance groups
* added removal of EXM and Messaging databases to uninstall script
* ensure Carbon install check doesn't bomb / cause uninstall to fail
Updating Resources
Minor edits, clarification of Habitat being an example and other tools can be used in Helix solutions.
Update Readme
Focus on habitat being an example of Helix and how tooling can assist a solution, and not a recommendation or requirement.
speeling errurs

nickwesselman and others added some commits Jul 2, 2018

[#403] fixed issue with Feature/Navigation due to introduction of Ite…
…ms property in RenderingModel in 9.0.2

* changed property name to make it more descriptive, but also removed inheritance to RenderingModel as it doesn't appear necessary
[#403] resolved issue with ChildPageList where PageTeaser was not ren…
…dering switched context item

* this may be a Sitecore MVC bug, but is a nonstandard approach anyway
* resolved by switching to Html.Sitecore().Rendering with rendering and datasource ID's
Adding '-Repository $AssetPSRepositoryName' to the SitecoreInstallFra…
…mework installation call to ensure a specific repository is used
Merge pull request #413 from Sitecore/bug/install-sif
Adding '-Repository $AssetPSRepositoryName' to install.ps1
Merge pull request #414 from Sitecore/issue/411/da-language-styling
[Closes #411] apply theme and logo in da language layer
[#410] Updated Footer Content
* new copyright year
* new US HQ address
* fixed up some footer links that were broken or outdated
* added link for Sitecore Stackexchange
* added notice to footer regarding support and use of Habitat
[#406] Unit Test Fix for PackageReference Conversion
* added missing references which were breaking unit tests in Feature/News and Feature/Person
[#422] Fixes for PackageReference conversion
* update mechanism of restoring nuget packages to avoid finding wrong MSBuild
* Fix System.Web.Mvc references on some test projects to PackageReference
[#422] More Assembly Reference Cleanup
* Some MVC and other references were still pointed at Packages folder
* There were also lots of broken references to libs folder that didn't seem to be needed
Merge pull request #423 from Sitecore/issue/422/nuget-fixes
[#422] Fixes for PackageReference conversion
[#417] Fix for Null Model in Demo Controller
* issue originated in previous refactoring of ExperienceData
Merge pull request #424 from Sitecore/issue/417/nullref-ending-visit
[#417] Fix for Null Model in Demo Controller
Documentation Updates
* [#419] added instructions on Facebook Login configuration
* [#421] added instructions to rebuild search indexes when setting up Habitat
* [#425] added clearer language to README regarding support
[#427] Getting Started Updates
* Some Getting Started doc fixes
* Removed copying of Sitecore libs -- all nuget now
* Removed copying of Sitecore license -- already placed in build/assets
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into feature/v9 before c…
…ompleting v9 merge

# Conflicts:
#	gulp-config.js
#	gulpfile.js
#	src/Feature/Accounts/Tests/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Accounts/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Demo/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Demo/tests/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Identity/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Language/Tests/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Language/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Maps/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Maps/tests/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Media/Tests/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Media/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Metadata/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Multisite/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Multisite/tests/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Navigation/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/News/Tests/packages.config
#	src/Feature/News/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/PageContent/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Person/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Person/tests/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Search/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Social/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Teasers/code/packages.config
#	src/Feature/Teasers/tests/packages.config
#	src/Feature/faq/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Accounts/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Accounts/tests/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Alerts/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Alerts/tests/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Assets/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/DependencyInjection/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Dictionary/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Dictionary/tests/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/FieldEditor/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/FieldEditor/tests/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Forms/code/Sitecore.Foundation.Forms.csproj
#	src/Foundation/Forms/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Forms/tests/Sitecore.Foundation.Forms.Tests.csproj
#	src/Foundation/Forms/tests/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Indexing/Tests/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Indexing/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Installer/code/MongoRestore/MongoRestoreService.cs
#	src/Foundation/Installer/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Installer/tests/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/LocalDatasource/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/LocalDatasource/tests/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Multisite/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Multisite/tests/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Serialization/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/SitecoreExtensions/Tests/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/SitecoreExtensions/code/Extensions/SiteExtensions.cs
#	src/Foundation/SitecoreExtensions/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Testing/tests/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Theming/code/packages.config
#	src/Foundation/Theming/tests/packages.config
#	src/Project/Common/code/packages.config
#	src/Project/Habitat/code/packages.config

@nickwesselman nickwesselman merged commit 2d3ee80 into master Jul 12, 2018

@nickwesselman nickwesselman added this to In progress in Release for Sitecore 9.0 via automation Jul 12, 2018

@nickwesselman nickwesselman moved this from In progress to Done in Release for Sitecore 9.0 Jul 12, 2018

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