@nickwesselman nickwesselman released this Jul 12, 2018

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New Features and Updates

  • Updated for Sitecore 9.0 Update-2
  • XP functionality and code updated for XConnect
  • Now includes SIF-based install and uninstall scripts for setting up Habitat Sitecore instance
  • Added Helix layers to Layer config
  • Now using Sitecore 9 dynamic placeholders
  • Added Facebook login using Sitecore 9 Federated Auth support
  • Aligned Helix folder ID's with SXA
  • Updated all dependencies to latest version, wherever possible
  • Switched from packages.config to PackageReference for NuGet references
  • Cleaned up assembly references to use NuGet exclusively
  • Refactored various services for use of DI to enable unit testing, as needed for 9.0 upgrade
  • Fixed issue with theme application on DA language
  • Fixed broken links in footer
  • Updated Sitecore USA address in footer
  • Updated copyright year
  • Added additional language regarding nature of and support for Habitat

Known Issues

  • [#418] Unicorn sync does not fully rebuild search indexes / deploy SOLR schema. Getting Started directions include instructions to rebuild manually.
  • [#420] Facebook login does not trigger login/register goals.
  • [#429] Google maps do not display.
  • [#394] MediaUrl unit tests are broken in SitecoreExtensions, and are currently disabled.

@Eldblom Eldblom released this Jun 9, 2017 · 153 commits to master since this release

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Sitecore 8.2 update 1 support

Change log

  • Project.Habitat: Added Japanese language support
  • Feature.Demo: Allows fake data to be set on demo pages to fake referrers, geodata and ip addresses
  • Feature.Demo: Site now works with MongoDB offline
  • Feature.Search: Added type-ahead functionality
  • Feature.Metadata: Possible to extend the page metadata from other modules
  • Feature.Metadata: Extends the metadata support with custom tags and robots
  • Feature.Search: Added facets
  • Feature.Search: Added search context to allow the global search box to detech the search results page
  • Foundation.Themes: Base theme updated with minor fixes
  • Foundation.SitecoreExtensions: Updating ItemExtensions.cs to better handle Linkfields
  • Foundation.Testing: Module is no longer deployed
  • Foundation.Accounts: Added pipelines for LoggedIn, LoggedOut and Registered for extensibility by other modules
  • Foundation.Themes: Added bundler/minifier to build
  • Foundation.Multisite: Made it possible to define a placeholder settings root per site
  • Foundation.DependencyInjection: Added standard Sitecore dependency injection support
  • General: Moved themes sass to Project.Common
  • General: Pulled out build tools version to be in config to easier enable VS2017 to work with Habitat.
  • General: Added deploy task for gulp
  • General: Added Dependency Injection to many modules
  • General: Fixed a bunch of CI specific fixes

@Eldblom Eldblom released this Dec 30, 2016 · 264 commits to master since this release

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  • Now on Sitecore XP version 8.2 Update-1
  • Implemented Themes
  • Extracted Design Theme into bower package available on http://github.com/sitecore/sitecore.demo.theme
  • Refactored Foundation.Theming
  • Added Page events to the Demo panel
  • Added login teaser to Feature.Accounts module
  • Added video component to Feature.Media module
  • Refactored Authentication
Dec 12, 2016
Helix workshop

@sitecore-dst sitecore-dst released this Jul 15, 2016 · 454 commits to master since this release

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  • Info panel updates and fixes
  • Outcomes added to WFFM
  • Icons added for renderings
  • Site design fixes
  • Content type specific search results
  • Fixed height jumbotron
  • FAQ feature added
  • Map Feature added
  • Refactored multisite – sites don’t have to be configured in multiple places
  • Sitecore 8.1 update-3

@sitecore-dst sitecore-dst released this Mar 9, 2016 · 964 commits to master since this release

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v1.1 / Theme Update

  • New Theme
    • New site style, CSS, layouts, etc.
  • Language definition by site
    • the ability to define the supported languages on a per site basis so that different sites can have different languages
  • Employee lists
    • a rendering that shows a list of all employees
  • Tracking Info Panel engagement plans
    • show when a site visitor is in an engagement plan
  • Meta keywords
    • allow keywords to be assigned to content easily
  • Handle invalid datasources
    • errors or invalid content is not shown to end users
  • Multisite datasource feature
    • added support for query: data source location in the DatasourceConfiguration fields
  • Rich Text Editor Configuration
    • Minimal and full configuration available
  • Version Information
    • added to habitat package
Jan 26, 2016
Datasource setting supports query and relativepath

@sitecore-dst sitecore-dst released this Jan 27, 2016 · 1394 commits to master since this release

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Initial Preview release

Release Notes

  • User Accounts
    • Login
    • Register new user
    • Forgot Password, with email notification
    • User Profile
    • .NET Membership Provider integration
    • xDB Goal and Outcome Tracking
    • xDB User Identification
  • Demo tools
    • Mockup page support (Google Search example)
    • xDB Contact and Visit Details Panel
  • Corporate identity
    • Editable site logo
    • Legal footer
  • Language support
    • Global multi-language support
    • Language switcher
  • Media support
    • Media Carousel
    • Image Lightbox
    • Video Lightbox
    • Lightbox Gallery
  • HTML/SEO metadata
    • HTML keywords/description
    • HTML meta robots support
    • Browser page and global site title
  • HTML/SEO metadata
    • HTML keywords/description
    • HTML meta robots support
    • Browser page and global site title
  • Multi-site support
    • Multi site support in all modules
    • Site switcher in global page menu
  • Navigation
    • Primary navigation
    • Secondary/Sidebar navigation
    • Breadcrumb
    • Header and footer link menus
    • Site switcher in global page menu
  • News
    • News list
    • News article
    • News teaser
    • Latest news teaser
    • Buckets support
    • Global Search Support
  • Page Content/General Article support
    • Standard Article page
    • Title, Summary, Body, Image
    • Page Teaser
    • Child List Page
  • Person/Employee support
    • Employee details
    • Employee list
    • Quote teaser
  • Website search and indexing
    • Simple free text support
    • Global search box
    • Configurable search results
    • Allow for extension through IOC pattern
    • Uses Sitecore Search API
  • Social Media Support
    • Twitter Feed integration
    • Links to Social Media pages
    • Open Graph Metadata support
  • Teasers/Call-to-action support
    • Jumbotron teaser
    • Accordeon Teaser
    • Multiple variants of content teasers
  • Page Asset configuration
    • Configuration of page assets (Javascript/CSS)
    • Global, page or rendering level support
    • Supports head or body placement
  • Build, Continuous Integration and deployment
    • Full Support for CI across all branched
    • Automated deployment to QA and production environments
    • Uses Node/Gulp for build scripts
    • Automated setup of local development environment
  • Unit and BDD Testing
    • Integrateed xUnit and SpecFlow for automated testing
  • Sitecore Serialisation and Versioning
    • Fully modular versioning of content and configuration items
    • Uses Unicorn for item serialisation
  • Useful Sitecore extensions
    • Better support for template inheritance
    • MVC helper classes
    • Site-specific and better management for sictionary texts
  • Front-end theming
    • Fully standard Bootstrap HTML
    • Added Bootstrap compliant theme
    • Sass pre-compiler support
  • Example site