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Assets 2

New Features and Updates

  • Updated for Sitecore 9.0 Update-2
  • XP functionality and code updated for XConnect
  • Now includes SIF-based install and uninstall scripts for setting up Habitat Sitecore instance
  • Added Helix layers to Layer config
  • Now using Sitecore 9 dynamic placeholders
  • Added Facebook login using Sitecore 9 Federated Auth support
  • Aligned Helix folder ID's with SXA
  • Updated all dependencies to latest version, wherever possible
  • Switched from packages.config to PackageReference for NuGet references
  • Cleaned up assembly references to use NuGet exclusively
  • Refactored various services for use of DI to enable unit testing, as needed for 9.0 upgrade
  • Fixed issue with theme application on DA language
  • Fixed broken links in footer
  • Updated Sitecore USA address in footer
  • Updated copyright year
  • Added additional language regarding nature of and support for Habitat

Known Issues

  • [#418] Unicorn sync does not fully rebuild search indexes / deploy SOLR schema. Getting Started directions include instructions to rebuild manually.
  • [#420] Facebook login does not trigger login/register goals.
  • [#429] Google maps do not display.
  • [#394] MediaUrl unit tests are broken in SitecoreExtensions, and are currently disabled.