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Habitat 1.7 (Sitecore 9.1)

@nickwesselman nickwesselman released this
· 18 commits to master since this release
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New Features and Updates

  • Updated for Sitecore 9.1 (initial) and Sitecore Install Framework 2.0
  • Install script uses new XP0-SingleDeveloper SIF configuration
  • Install script uses new Prerequisites SIF configuration
  • Install script can now optionally skip prerequisites check (-SkipPrerequisites)
  • Uninstall script uses new Uninstall-SitecoreConfiguration SIF command
  • Target framework updated to 4.7.1
  • Package references updated for new 9.1 feed
    • Removed use of NoReference packages
    • Updated version numbers
    • NU1603 added to NoWarn on all projects to avoid nuget restore error with Sitecore.Kernel
  • Option to conditionally use local assembly references instead of nuget, including gulp target to enable
    • Facilitates internal Sitecore pre-release builds
  • Dependency updates for 9.1
  • Minor updates for breaking API changes
  • Updated to use new Item.DescendsFrom method
  • Updated to use enhanced built-in AllTemplates computed field

Issues Resolved

  • Release build now functional (#435)

Known Issues

  • [#418] Unicorn sync does not fully rebuild search indexes / deploy SOLR schema. Getting Started directions include instructions to rebuild manually.
  • [#420] Facebook login does not trigger login/register goals.
  • [#429] Google maps do not display.
  • [#394] MediaUrl unit tests are broken in SitecoreExtensions, and are currently disabled.