Eldblom Code migration to v9 xConnect changes
Implemented uninstall
Fixed Solr field mapping Updated installer
Added Helix layers in the config layers
Added setting to explicitly disable the demo panel
Updated tracker and marketing registrations to use xConnect API
Removed engagement plan from Register page.yml
Added ProjectInfo.cs with shared assembly info attributes
Renamed .transform to .xdt to align with WDP standards
Updated package generation
Added missing files
Moved package.xml to App_Data/packages/Habitat.xml
New version policy aligned with Sitecore versions
Added support for Standalone, ContentDelivery and ContentManagement roles
Renamed publishing profiles to Standalone, to align with role naming
Added install guide in README.md Emphasized standalone/xp0 in install and uninstall
Added post-install steps to README.md
Using standard Sitecore v9 dynamic placeholders
Fixed Solr facet bug
Added support for Federated Authentication
Added Facebook login support
Removed the "habitat" domain and aligned with the standard "extranet" domain
Updated to SC RC5 Added Facebook properties to xDB tags
Added Facebook picture to xDB contact Updated xDB demo panel
Added missing build files
Added uninstall script
Updated to RC6, SFI 1.0.2 Added additional install checks
Track Edit Profile Fixed bug in registration
Fixed xConnect facets tracking
Added profiling to Habitat layers
Added generation of the SOLR certificates
Added install checks for Solr SSL and .NET framework
Updated gulp-sass
Changed default PSRepository name and SQL server hostname
Removed relative paths in install scripts
Fixed compilerconfig publish
Fixed item ID mismatch with SXA
Latest commit 125db99 Oct 26, 2017
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tests.proxy.asmx Code migration to v9 xConnect changes Oct 26, 2017