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Sitecore XM Single Environment

Visualize: Infrastructure, Application deployment

This template creates a Sitecore XM Single Environment using a minimal set of Azure resources while still ensuring Sitecore will run. It is best practice to use this configuration for development and testing rather than production environments.

Resources provisioned:

  • Azure SQL databases : core, master, web, forms
  • Sitecore roles: Content Delivery, Content Management as a single WebApp instance
    • Hosting plans: single hosting plan
    • Preconfigured Web Application, based on the provided WebDeploy package
  • Azure Search Service
  • Application Insights for diagnostics and monitoring


  • The searchServiceLocation parameter can be added to the azuredeploy.parameters.json to specify geographical region to deploy Azure Search Service. Default value is the resource group location.
  • The applicationInsightsLocation parameter can be added to theazuredeploy.parameters.json to specify geographical region to deploy Application Insights. Default value is East US.


The deploymentId and licenseXml parameters are filled in by the PowerShell script.

Parameter Description
sqlServerLogin The name of the administrator account for the newly created Azure SQL server.
sqlServerPassword The password for the administrator account for Azure SQL server.
sitecoreAdminPassword The new password for the Sitecore admin account.
singleMsDeployPackageUrl The HTTP(s) URL to a Sitecore XM Single Instance Web Deploy package.

Deploying with Solr Search

Sitecore Solr PaaS deployment requires the following parameter to be specified in azuredeploy.parameters.json:

Parameter Description
solrConnectionString Connection string to existing Solr server.

solrConnectionString parameter is used to identify whether Solr search provider is to be used for the deployment or not. The default value is empty which means that Azure Search will be used.