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Warmup Script for Sitecore Demo

Included in this folder is a PowerShell script (warmup.ps1) and an accompanying JSON configuration file (warmup-config.json).

The script reads an array of urls for each the XP and XC demos.

The warmup-config.json file can be customized to suit your needs (add additional backend pages to warmup, etc).

To use, simply call the script and specify whether you have the XP or XC demo installed, the script will take some time to run but the result should be that all pages listed in the config file will get pre-compiled and cached where applicable.

.\warmup.ps1 -instance <your-instance-url> -demoType <*xp* or *xc*> -adminUser <sitecore-admin-user> -adminPassword <sitecore-admin-password>

Of course the script is provided as an example and can be modified to suit your needs.