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Sitecore UniversalTracker SDK
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Sitecore UniversalTracker SDK

Sitecore Universal Tracker SDK 1.0 is a .Net Standard library that provides the interactions and events writing API for client .NET applications. The Universal Tracker SDK serves as an interface that connects the Universal Tracker service and an application to let users work with native objects rather than with HTTP requests and JSON responses.

Supported events:

  • event
  • goal
  • outcome
  • pageview
  • campaign
  • download
  • search

The library can be used on the following platforms :

  • iOS 10 and newer
  • Android 4.0 and newer
  • Windows Desktop (.NET 4.5)



Code Snippet

  string instanceUrl = "";
  string channelId = "27b4e611-a73d-4a95-b20a-811d295bdf65";
  string definitionId = "01f8ffbf-d662-4a87-beee-413307055c48";

  var defaultInteraction = UTEntitiesBuilder.Interaction()
                                           .Contact("jsdemo", "demo")

  using (session = SitecoreUTSessionBuilder.SessionWithHost(instanceUrl)
    var eventRequest = UTRequestBuilder.EventWithDefinitionId(definitionId)
    var eventResponse = await session.TrackEventAsync(eventRequest);
    Console.WriteLine("Track EVENT RESULT: " + eventResponse.StatusCode.ToString());

        var okAlertController = UIAlertController.Create("Event response code",
            alert => Console.WriteLine("Ok")))

     PresentViewController(okAlertController, true, null);

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