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Contains sample code for Sitecore Commerce Plugins
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Sitecore Commerce Sample Plugins

Contains sample code for Sitecore Commerce Plugins These Plugins are targeted toward Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0 Update 3 and 9.1 releases (see table below for plugin's support).

Clone this repository and add these Plugins as projects to your Customer.Sample.Solution. Add the Reference to the Plugin in the Sitecore.Commerce.Engine project and build the solution.

Getting Started with Development for 9.0.3

Getting Started with Development for 9.1

Plugin Description Supported Version
BizFx.DevOps Provides a mechanism for listing Environments and viewing their details and viewing other metadata and configuration data of a Experienice Commerce deployment 9.0.3
BizFx.Enhancements Provides mechanisms for validating data in an Experience Commerce system. Currently it can check to ensure Sellable Items (Products) have images and that Price Cards have snapshots 9.0.3
Catalog.Generator Generates fake catalog data for testing or demo purposes 9.0.3
ContentItemCommander A demostration of creating dashboards and other content items 9.0.3
Ebay Ebay Marketplace Integration from Experience Commerce and BizFx 9.0.3
Enhancements Plugin which enables other enhancements via the sample plugins 9.0.3
Entitlement.Enhancements Demostrates modifying the CustomerEntitlements view 9.0.3
ExtendedConditions Sample conditions for the Experience Commerce Promotion Engine 9.0.3
HandleMissingSitecore Enables Experience Commerce to function without a connection to Sitecore XP 9.0.3
JsonCommander A utility plugin used by other sample plugins 9.0.3
ListMaster Manages list of Commerce Entities 9.0.3
Orders.Enhancements Plugin which returns KPIs on Orders 9.0.3
Pricing.Generator Plugin for generating sample Price Cards 9.0.3
Promotions.Generator Plugin for generating sample Promotions 9.0.3
Search.Management A Plugin for managing search within Experience Commerce Engine 9.0.3
USPS A simple plugin to resolve United States addresses against the US Postal Service validate address service 9.1
VatTax A Plugin for calculating simple VAT 9.0.3
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