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Repository of Sitecore Docker images

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In this repository you will find the official Sitecore container support files. The /tags/ folder contains the official tags list of all published images (see

Using this repository you can also build custom Docker images for the most recent versions of Sitecore. You can use this repository (preferably from a fork) from your build server and have it build and push images to your private Docker registry. See for how to setup and build, and for a list of all custom images currently available to be built.

Information about this repository

  • Official statement on running Sitecore in containers, see
  • The images built from the build folder in this repo are not supported by Sitecore.
  • The build scripts and examples in this repository are provided and maintained by the community, with contributions and code reviews by Sitecore.
  • This repository was initially created to help consolidate efforts around Sitecore and Docker.
  • In scenarios where you or your organization require domains to be whitelisted, please see the following domains associated with the Sitecore Container Registry:

Official Sitecore image tags

Please see

How to setup and build custom images

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List of custom images available to build

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How to contribute

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Repository changelog

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