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@kamsar kamsar released this Jan 18, 2019 · 836 commits to master since this release

There are no changes to the JSS server for this release, only the npm packages. There are no breaking changes in this release and there are no migration instructions.

Fixes in this release:

  • General: Sample apps' out of the box dependencies have been upgraded (React 16.7, Angular 7.2, Vue 2.5.22). (#131)
  • Angular: scaffolding components has been fixed (#90)
  • Angular: sample app will no longer cause loops when clicking navigation links on styleguide page in EE mode (#132)
  • Angular: AOT compilation (jss build) has been fixed with lazy loading component registration (#121)
  • Angular: JssModule.withComponents() no longer breaks if the second optional parameter is not passed (#110)
  • Headless proxy: The dictionary service URL is no longer hard coded into a method in config.js; it is now a config variable/environment variable (#127)
  • Headless proxy: Fixed a bug where debug info would be emitted to the console when debug was disabled (34a7757)
  • Manifesting: The allowedPlaceholders property has been added to the TypeScript typing for adding components to the manifest. It already worked, but is now documented. (#120)
  • Disconnected: The customizeRendering method now receives additional context params (HTTP request, response, manifest) (#117)
  • Sitecore-first scaffolding has had some bug fixes applied (#119)
  • Layout Service: The ability to render a single placeholder has been documented (#111)
  • Azure deployment documentation has been updated to discuss using WDPs (#136)
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