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Downloads are hosted on Github

Compatibility Table

SPE ↓ / Sitecore→ 8.0 8.1 8.2 9.0 9.1 9.2 9.3 10.0
4.0 -
4.1-4.6 -
4.7 -
5.0 [1] [2] -
5.1 [2] -

Legend: "–" - not supported; "✓" - supported.

Compatibility Notes {#notes}

  • [1] Released by Sitecore for SXA which can be download from the SXA 1.9.0 release page however you should be safe simply installing the official SPE release on GitHub.
  • [2] Some features are not available. It is recommended to upgrade to the latest version available for 9.2.
    • Publish-Item command unsupported (#1129)
    • Indexing commands unsupported (#1133)


When reviewing the different download packages you may see some names that are not too clear. The following list outlines what those names should mean.

  • N.X : Full N.X release - This refers to the package used by Standalone and CM roles. This includes what is required to see the PowerShell ISE, Console and their associated services.
  • N.X Minimal : Server-side remoting only - This refers to the package with only files. Useful for remotely connecting to SPE.
  • N.X Authorable Reports : Additional reports and tools - This package is a sublemental installation to the full version with additional reports. With version 6.0 this package is no longer needed as the reports are included with the full release.
  • N.X Remoting : SPE Remoting module for CI/CD - This provides a Windows PowerShell module for connecting to SPE remotely. Use in combination with the full or minimal packages.