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See some of the community contributed modules built for SPE.


There are some really amazing contributions and add-ons to SPE from the community.


SPE + Unicorn

A well known and widely adopted module Unicorn has published some SPE commands. These commands are available (and optional) after installing Unicorn. Below are some samples ripped off from Kam Figy's blog posts here and here.


Example: The following lists configurations by name.

# Default returns all configurations

# Exact match
Get-UnicornConfiguration -Filter "Foundation.Foo"

# Filter using a wildcard
Get-UnicornConfiguration -Filter "Foundation.*"


Example: The following syncs configurations just like you would through the Unicorn Control Panel or the PowerShell API.

# Sync one
Sync-UnicornConfiguration "Foundation.Foo"

# Sync multiple by name
Sync-UnicornConfiguration @("Foundation.Foo", "Foundation.Bar")

# Sync multiple from pipeline
Get-UnicornConfiguration "Foundation.*" | Sync-UnicornConfiguration

# Sync all, except transparent sync-enabled configurations
Get-UnicornConfiguration | Sync-UnicornConfiguration -SkipTransparent

# Optionally set log output level (Debug, Info, Warn, Error)
Sync-UnicornConfiguration -LogLevel Warn

Example Syncing

Partial Syncing

# Sync a single item (note: must be under Unicorn control)
Get-Item "/sitecore/content" | Sync-UnicornItem

# Sync multiple single items (note: all must be under Unicorn control)
Get-ChildItem "/sitecore/content" | Sync-UnicornItem 

# Sync an entire item tree, show only warnings and errors
Get-Item "/sitecore/content" | Sync-UnicornItem -Recurse -LogLevel Warn


# Reserialize one
Export-UnicornConfiguration "Foundation.Foo"

# Reserialize multiple by name
Export-UnicornConfiguration @("Foundation.Foo", "Foundation.Bar")

# Reserialize from pipeline
Get-UnicornConfiguration "Foundation.*" | Export-UnicornConfiguration

Partial Reserializing

# Reserialize a single item (note: must be under Unicorn control)
Get-Item "/sitecore/content" | Export-UnicornItem

# Reserialize multiple single items (note: all must be under Unicorn control)
Get-ChildItem "/sitecore/content" | Export-UnicornItem 

# Reserialize an entire item tree
Get-Item "/sitecore/content" | Export-UnicornItem -Recurse

Converting to Raw Yaml

# Convert an item to YAML format (always uses default excludes and field formatters)
Get-Item "/sitecore/content" | ConvertTo-RainbowYaml

# Convert many items to YAML strings
Get-ChildItem "/sitecore/content" | ConvertTo-RainbowYaml

# Disable all field formats and field filtering
# (e.g. disable XML pretty printing,
# and don't ignore the Revision and Modified fields, etc)
Get-Item "/sitecore/content" | ConvertTo-RainbowYaml -Raw

Converting To Yaml

Converting from Raw Yaml

# Get IItemDatas from YAML variable
$rawYaml | ConvertFrom-RainbowYaml

# Get IItemData and disable all field filters
# (use this if you ran ConvertTo-RainbowYaml with -Raw)
$yaml | ConvertFrom-RainbowYaml -Raw

Converting from Yaml


# Deserialize IItemDatas from ConvertFrom-RainbowYaml
$rawYaml | ConvertFrom-RainbowYaml | Import-RainbowItem

# Deserialize raw YAML from pipeline into Sitecore 
# Shortcut bypassing ConvertFrom-RainbowYaml
$yaml | Import-RainbowItem

# Deserialize and disable all field filters
# (use this if you ran ConvertTo-RainbowYaml with -Raw)
$yaml | Import-RainbowItem -Raw

# Deserialize multiple at once
$yamlStringArray | Import-RainbowItem

# Complete example that does nothing but eat CPU
Get-ChildItem "/sitecore/content" | ConvertTo-RainbowYaml | Import-RainbowItem



# Create a new Sitecore Package (SPE cmdlet)
$pkg = New-Package -Name MyCustomPackage

# Get the Unicorn Configuration(s) we want to package
$configs = Get-UnicornConfiguration "Foundation.*" 

# Pipe the configs into New-UnicornItemSource 
# to process them and add them to the package project
# (without -Project, this would emit the source object(s) 
#   which can be manually added with $pkg.Sources.Add())
$configs | New-UnicornItemSource -Project $pkg

# Export the package to a zip file on disk
Export-Package -Project $pkg -Path "C:\" -Zip

SPE Modules

The following are Sitecore modules that enhance the SPE experience.