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How to release Sitecore PowerShell Extensions in 15 simple steps (and counting)

  1. In the git issue tracker make sure all closed issues without a milestone have the one that is being released assigned to them.
  2. Close the milestone
  3. Take the shortcut to the milestone (closed issues) and assign a Bitly link to it in the following format: - where ## is the current version number
  4. Make sure you've pulled all changes from the repository.
  5. Update all changes to items based on the repo changes.
  6. Modify the Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs - to sync with the released version number & rebuild.
  7. Modify the Internal/PowerShell Extensions Maintenance/Prepare Console Distribution to include the new version release date & the bitly link.
  8. Run the script to build and download the package.
  9. Serialize all changes using the: Platform/Development/Internal/PowerShell Extensions Maintenance/Serialize Changes
  10. Put the package in the Data\packages folder
  11. Commit all changes and push to GitHub.
  12. Draft & Publish a GitHub release
  13. Upload the package to Marketplace
  14. Update the release notes on marketplace. Documentation tab Release notes section. Including version major changes and link to issues.
  15. Oh and don't forget to submit the module for moderation on the Marketplace.

OK.. it's a nightmare...