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@SitecoreBot SitecoreBot released this Dec 17, 2019

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Merged patch for bugs 310786 and 362242.

Compatibility - .NET Framework

The release was built for the following target framework version:

  • 4.6.2 (Sitecore: 9.0)

Compatibility - Sitecore

The release was tested with the following Sitecore products in bare condition (no hotfixes, patches or other customizations, unless explicitly specified):

  • Sitecore CMS 9.0 rev. 171219 (Update-1)


  • bin/Sitecore.Support.310786.362242.dll
  • config/global/


For all Sitecore instances in the solution:

  1. Uninstall previous version of the patch (if installed).
  2. Make a backup of the files mentioned in Contents section and listed in the installation instruction (if any).
  3. Copy the contents of the Website/bin folder to the publishing service root folder of your solution, overwrite existing files if any conflicts occur.
  4. Copy the config/global/ file to the '/config/global' folder.
  5. (Optional) Copy the archive into the $(data)/patches folder permanently.


  1. Remove the files listed in the Contents section.
  2. Restore the original files from the backup made during installation.

Important Notes

  • The patch should be installed only if recommended by Sitecore Support.
  • Any related issues and other feedback should be reported via support portal, check KB 654910 for details.
  • Check KB 077333 to find more information about Sitecore Patches.
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