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Create button that invokes "New package from existing" functionality


The release was built for and tested with the following Sitecore products in bare condition (no hotfixes, patches or other customizations, unless explicitly specified):

  • Sitecore CMS 7.2 rev. 140526 (Update-2)


  • bin/Sitecore.Support.94347.dll
  • "" package


For all Sitecore instances in the solution:

  1. Install "" package through the "Installation Wizard".
  2. Open "Package Designer" and verify that "From Existing" button exists.


  1. Open the Sitecore Desktop and switch the context database to the "core";
  2. Open Sitecore Content Editor and select the "/sitecore/content/Applications/Tools/Installer/Designer/Ribbon/Package/Project" item;
  3. Delete "/sitecore/content/Applications/Tools/Installer/Designer/Ribbon/Package/Project/Copy of Open" item.

Important Notes

  • The patch should be installed only if recommended by Sitecore Support.
  • Any related issues and other feedback should be reported via support portal, check KB 654910 for details.
  • Check KB 077333 to find more information about Sitecore Patches.
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