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[breaking] include __Originator field by default

This fixes expansion of branch templates with Transparent Sync enabled, as without __Originator it does not expand the item.

Ref: #209
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kamsar committed Feb 10, 2017
1 parent 87b0f6a commit f7d073b255891ec487e9a092fb2fa172ea77b9ac
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@@ -107,7 +107,6 @@
<fieldFilter type="Rainbow.Filtering.ConfigurationFieldFilter, Rainbow" singleInstance="true">
<exclude fieldID="{B1E16562-F3F9-4DDD-84CA-6E099950ECC0}" note="'Last run' field on Schedule template (used to register tasks)" />
<exclude fieldID="{52807595-0F8F-4B20-8D2A-CB71D28C6103}" note="'__Owner' field on Standard Template" />
<exclude fieldID="{F6D8A61C-2F84-4401-BD24-52D2068172BC}" note="'__Originator' field on Standard Template" />
<exclude fieldID="{8CDC337E-A112-42FB-BBB4-4143751E123F}" note="'__Revision' field on Standard Template" />
<exclude fieldID="{D9CF14B1-FA16-4BA6-9288-E8A174D4D522}" note="'__Updated' field on Standard Template" />
<exclude fieldID="{BADD9CF9-53E0-4D0C-BCC0-2D784C282F6A}" note="'__Updated by' field on Standard Template" />

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