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@cassidydotdk cassidydotdk released this Jul 21, 2019

  • Unicorn no longer crashes due to math rounding errors, when more than 200 configurations are in play. Yes you read that right.
  • Change detection/dirty tracking for Field Transforms has been improved. Previously, Unicorn/Rainbow would falsely mark an item "dirty" if any Field Transform was configured for the item. It would not be updated, but still logged as changed and therefore published needlessly. This is now better.
  • TransparentSync revision checking when saving an item under Unicorn control via Experience Editor has been improved. It would falsely flag warnings.
  • Direct Dependency on Cognifide.PowerShell has been removed. This was done to prevent conflicts with upcoming releases of Sitecore Powershell Extensions, which will change this namespace and assembly name. Thanks to @michaellwest for contributing this.
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