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@sitefinitytooling sitefinitytooling released this May 9, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

What's new

Focus on MVC with widgets and page templates

MVC is the preferred technology for implementation with Sitefinity, and we are strongly recommending that all new projects be done on MVC. With the 12.0 release, for newly created projects, only MVC and hybrid (MVC + WebForms) frameworks and templates are available. For existing projects, you still have the option to work with Web Forms only, if needed. To enable that option, use a configuration in the Advanced settings section.

Using the MVC-first approach, selecting and modifying page templates is now simplified:

  • Sitefinity includes default templates for MVC and hybrid frameworks. You do not have to to start from scratch with a new template anymore. Learn more...
  • Once you select a template and its framework, if you want to change the template base at a later time, you can select just from the template list from the same framework. Learn more...

What's fixed

  • MVC Designers error alert does not reappear on second error after being closed (FP)
  • When submitting a form with query params in a language different than English the Index method is not always invoked (FP)
  • Blogs widget does not have implementation for HandleUnknownAction (FP)
  • MVC ImageGallery Widget with Thumbnail Strip template doesn't get the focus when pressing Tab on the page (FP)
  • Feather widget shows all the items when the widget is showing selected item which is deleted permanently (FP)
  • Improve consistency in feather designer field types - designer field types and sf-dynamic-item-selector
  • MVC Only "Start from scratch templates"  should not have any theme applied to them
  • Feather: ContentViewDisplayMode does not apply proper render mode (FP)
  • Feather: List only view of Items still resolves the Item Details (FP)
  • Issue with 3 level hierarchy MVC dynamic content widgets (FP)
  • Incorrect MVC dynamic module child widget routing (FP)
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