A pidgin plugin to use an LED to notify the user of new IM messages.
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I am not the original author. I found this plugin and forked it because I wanted it to control the ThinkLight on my ThinkPads, which requires you to write "on" or "off", not "1" or "0", to /proc/acpi/ibm/light. I sent a patch to the original author but never received a response.

Below is the original README text.

Led-notification, a Pidgin plugin

Led-notification can control leds found on some laptops, or anything else that is controlled by writing '1' or '0' to a file.

Simo Mattila <simo.h.mattila@gmail.com>


Version 0.1

    * Initial version 

Version 0.2
    * Add XSet support <tswsl1989@sucs.org>