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@@ -483,6 +483,15 @@ group :development, :ripl do
gem 'ripl-short_errors' # Only show the first backtrace entry of errors.
+group :development, :pry do
+ gem 'pry' # An IRB alternative and runtime developer console.
+ gem 'pry-doc' # YARD and extended documentation support for Pry.
+ gem 'pry-exception_explorer' # Enter the context of exceptions.
+ gem 'pry-nav' # Turn Pry into a primitive debugger with 'step' and 'next'.
+ gem 'pry-stack_explorer' # Walk the stack in a Pry session.
+ gem 'pry-rails' # Use Pry as your rails console.
group :development, :guard do
gem 'guard' # Command line tool for file modification events
gem 'guard-annotate' # Annotates Rails classes based on the db schema.
@@ -525,8 +534,9 @@ group :development, :debugging do
gem 'lll' # Line logger for debugging that displays an expression and its value.
gem 'rbtrace' # Shows method calls happening inside ruby processes.
gem 'ruby_core_source' # Retrieve Ruby core source files.
- gem 'ruby-debug19' # Command line interface for ruby-debug.
- gem 'ruby-prof' # Fast code profiler for Ruby with native C code.
+ #gem 'ruby-debug19' # Command line interface for ruby-debug. [for Ruby 1.8.7]
+ gem 'debugger' # Fast implementation of the standard Ruby debugger debug.rb. [for Ruby 1.9.2]
+ gem 'ruby-prof' # fast code profiler for Ruby with native C code.
gem 'rubygems-test' # Commands for testing gems and reporting results.

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