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@@ -185,6 +185,7 @@ gem 'nokogiri' # Parser for HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader with XPath and CSS selec
gem 'ParseTree' # Extracts the parse tree for Ruby code and returns a sexp.
gem 'prism' # Microformat parser and HTML toolkit powered by Nokogiri.
gem 'psych' # A libyaml wrapper for Ruby with native libraries.
+gem 'rabl' # Ruby API Builder Language templating with json, bson, xml, plist, msgpack.
gem 'redcarpet' # Markdown interpreter in Ruby with speed and safety.
gem 'representative' # XML/JSON representations of your Ruby objects.
gem 'representative_view' # Integrate Representative as an ActionView template format.
@@ -236,7 +237,7 @@ gem 'rubyvis' # Ruby port of Stanford Protovis library.
gem 'sparklines' # Tiny graphs especially good for displaying inline data.
gem 'svg-graph' # SVG:::Graph is a pure Ruby library for generating charts.
gem 'browser' # Do some browser detection with Ruby, and includes ActionController integration.
#gem 'cramp' # Fully asynchronous IO built on top of EventMachine for many connections. [requires Rails 3.0]
gem 'curb' # Ruby-language bindings for curl's library to do client-side URL transfer.

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