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MagicNumberType infers mime types from leading bits

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Magic numbers are the first bits of a file or data stream which uniquely identify the type of file or data stream.

For example when the first bits are "BM", this identifies the file as a bitmap image file.

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To install using a Gemfile, add this:

gem "sixarm_ruby_magic_number_type", ">= 2.0.4", "< 3"

To install using the command line, run this:

gem install sixarm_ruby_magic_number_type -v ">= 2.0.4, < 3"

To install using the command line with high security, run this:

gem cert --add sixarm.pem && gem sources --add
gem install sixarm_ruby_magic_number_type -v ">= 2.0.4, < 3" --trust-policy HighSecurity

To require the gem in your code:

require "sixarm_ruby_magic_number_type"


This gem infers based on widespread programming conventions for data file formats.

These magic numbers are by convention and we are using this guide:

Typical uses of magic numbers:

  • to quickly identify a file's data type
  • to check if data matches the file's MIME type or extension
  • to check if a web form file upload matches its HTTP content type