Bastion fork tailored to Spectra Castle
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.github Updated the issue template Mar 11, 2018
data data: fix commands data Dec 2, 2018
events events: fixed streamer role being readded after being removed Aug 1, 2018
functions functions: use BWAPI in followURL Dec 13, 2018
modules Merge branch 'stable' of Dec 16, 2018
settings Backported WOW Commands to v6 Oct 15, 2018
utils utils: add generateCommandsData function Nov 4, 2018
.gitignore Added npm lock file to gitignore Feb 17, 2018
.travis.yml Updated Travis CI config: Feb 17, 2018
Procfile heroku: add Procfile for Heroku support Jun 3, 2018 Update Mar 18, 2018
bastion.js Mapped Discord.Constants to Bastion.Constants Jan 16, 2018 Very minor change to bastion script Mar 31, 2018
changes.json changes: update Dec 13, 2018
package.json deps: update dependencies Dec 13, 2018
renovate.json Update renovate app config Apr 1, 2018
run.cmd Minor changes Mar 31, 2018
update.cmd Updated some strings Mar 17, 2018
upgrade.cmd Updated some strings Mar 17, 2018

This is a fork of the Bastion Discord bot for the Spectra Castle server community. A public repo is maintained in the interest of transparency to the community and allowing the use of the issue tracker and pull requests, as well as potentially sharing modifications that aren't Spectra specific with upstream.

The Bastion project can be found at or on Github at and you can support the project's developer k3rn31p4nic on Patreon and Paypal: