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changed default javascript filetype setting

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1 parent fd1fc7c commit 77e7e63f43463f7ad6cd9d3da359f90d960c05d2 @SjB committed Feb 8, 2012
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  1. +2 −2 after/ftplugin/js.vim
4 after/ftplugin/js.vim
@@ -3,6 +3,6 @@ setlocal omnifunc=omnifunc=javascriptcomplete#CompleteJS
setlocal tabstop=2
setlocal softtabstop=2
setlocal shiftwidth=2
-setlocal textwidth=80
-setlocal expandtab
+setlocal textwidth=79
+setlocal noexpandtab
setlocal nosmartindent

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