Making it easier to adopt a star
Ruby JavaScript


A simple application around the Pale Blue Dot project, to make it easier to adopt a star.

Issue tracker at Lighthouse:

More info about the Pale Blue Dot project:

This project is not in any way associated with Pale Blue Dot; it's just me. But who knows that might change.

At the moment, it doesn't do anything useful except show a list of stars. Here's a list of possible improvements (for I which I don't have time, so patches are welcome):

* Facebook / Etc integration, e.g.
** show your friend's stars on map
** find a bright star near your friends
* search for cool astronomic coincidences, e.g.
** eclipsed by Jupiter on your birthday
* etc, etc


Install ruby on rails on your machine. 

Install MySQL on your machine. Also install development files, e.g. libmysqlclient15-dev

Download the source. 

sudo rake gems:install

Create a MySQL database:

create database kepler;
grant all privileges on kepler.* to kepler@localhost identified by 'kepler';

Create the stars table:
rake db:mgirate

Download the stars:

Import the stars:
mysql kepler -u kepler -p < import-stars.sql

Get a Google Maps API key. 

Copy config/app_config.yml.example to app_config.yml and add your key to this file.

Run server:

Point your browser to: