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A fancy Unity TextBox
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Dialouge System

On here I created a small Dialouge system for use in Unity Engine, With it you can give a specific parameter called < speed > in the source text file. You can set through the npc wether it can speak with the normal language or bippy boppy as I like to call it :)


Software Anaylse

I chose Unity Engine because I am most experienced with this software, and was wondering what I still could learn from it.

It seems like there are still quite a few things I had to get a better grip on, which I do now.

For example, Delegates.

Seems like the version of Unity I chose kept crashing a lot, Learned not to update :)

What did I want to achieve

  • A lively, stable text box.
  • Lively NPC's (Head looking, voices).
  • Day/Night cycle.

How was the process

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
week 1 Research Planning/PseudoCode Basic text box Voice clips/npc looking Bug fixes
week 2 bug fixes/expanding Bug fixes Finsished


I, sadly did not note everything.

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