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What it does

The AutoDAB 1.1 Mod was assemebed by Sk1er. This mod makes users automatically dab upon willing a game on Hypixel.


AutoDAB 1.0 requires RenderPlayerAPI

If you use a 1.7 animations mod, you must disable anything that overrides f5 animations for this mod to work. If you use Orangemarshall's 1.7 animations mod, disable "3rd person sword block postion" in /animationsconfig and press save

For the Chroma feature to work, fast render must be disabled in Optifine. Video Settings -> Fast Render -> Off

Config Settings

/autodab toggle - Toggles the mod

/autodab f5 - Toggle automatic enter and leaving of f5 mode when the mod dabs

/autodab length [seconds] - Time in seconds mods will dab for

/autodab chroma - Toggle Chroma on dab

In game controls, you may change the value of the hotkey to dab. While the button is pressed, the user will dab.


The game end detection is made by 2Pi in his AutoGG 3.0.

The original dab mod part of the mod is made by MrCrayfish.

1.8.9 Dab Mod port is made by 2Pi

Original Dab Mod

1.8.9 Dab Mod Port

AutoGG Source